The Holy Spirit Prayed

The Holy Spirit Prayed

Too many times we forget just how precious the Comforter (Holy Spirit) really is until we need Him, or He passes by during a manifestation of His presence.

My wife, Jenny, has never really been sick with anything other than child bearing, a virus, or a common cold. This week she had a terrible sharp pain hit her late Monday night and it worsened during the night and into early Tuesday morning. By 2:00 AM the pain was so bad that she was up vomiting, moaning, and crying. She is one that refuses to go to a doctor unless it is an emergency (never really needed to before). She finally, with tears, around 6:00am said, “I can’t take it anymore. Please take me to the emergency room”, so off to the Medical Center in Bowling Green we went.
They ran tests and found that it was a kidney stone. They sent her home with pain medication to wait for that painful thing to pass. This morning she thought that she would try to go to work. She made it 5 minutes and back home she went, in terrible pain once more.

I called to check on her at 10:15 and she was much worse. She tried calling our family doctor’s office but they are closed for vacation this week. Since we have no insurance, she didn’t want to go to the emergency room again because of the enormous expense that they charge there.

At 11:15 I called again. Her phone rang several times and then went to voice mail. I felt in my spirit that something was wrong so I went home to check on her. I went in and she was laying across the bed crying, moaning, & trembling as if she was cold, just like before (Tuesday morning). The pain medicine was having no effect this time.

I was so worried about her and I couldn’t stand to see her in this much pain. I asked her to come to the living room and I sat on the couch. I asked her to sit in my lap and I had her put my hand over the place where the pain was. I began to Pray while I held her in my arms with my hand over the pain area. (I was so broken for her I could hardly Pray or bear seeing her this way) Then the Holy Spirit prayed. He Prayed when I couldn’t. He Prayed so softly, in the softest possible whisper, not like ever before. He prayed in a language that I couldn’t understand. So sweet, so precious, so deep, & with such a powerful love that it almost took my breath. He Prayed for only 2 or 3 minutes then a silence came. I noticed that Jenny was not trembling like before. I asked her if she was still hurting. She said that the place where my hand was, was warm and the warmth was killing the pain. She asked me, “Please don’t remove your hand yet. The pain is going away.”. I told her that it was the anointing, not my hand, because The Holy Spirit Prayed.

After a bit, I asked her why she didn’t answer the phone when I had called at 11:15 and she said that the phone never rang. I told her that it was in your hand when I came in and that it had rung several times and then went into voice mail. I asked her to let me see her phone. There were no missed calls, no received calls, no voice mail since 10:15 (the first time I called). She said that she was lying on the bed Praying, in so much pain that she could hardly bear it, and the Devil came by and told her that she had sinned and that the Lord would not hear her prayer, nor take the pain away. Those who knows Jenny, personally know the kind of woman that she is and the holy life that she lives, knows that was a lie straight from Hell.

The Devil wants to get us at our weakest point and then attack us with lies. The point that I want to make through all of this is- when she was in her darkest hour, the comforter (Holy Ghost) burdened me to call her, kept the phone from ringing for her to hear, so that I would come rushing home to check on her. The Holy Spirit Prayed. The Lord wants a willing vessel to use to bring him Glory. I am so thankful that he allowed me to be that vessel and to witness His Glory!