We Must Be Prepared

We must be prepared!!
Many today are living unprepared to face Judgement Day. I want to share a little story of what happened to me being unprepared for a vacation trip. My oldest son Jeremy and his family one week before going on vacation had invited Jenny and myself to go with them. He had a resort booked and we could stay there with them for free. So we jumped on the chance and accepted the offer. We planned on leaving after work on Friday night and stopping somewhere (with no reservations for that night) and get a room and then drive the remainder of the way the next day. I didn’t think that all of the people on the planet were going to the same place, & on the same route Ha! Ha!

Jenny and myself worked 12 hours last Friday. Our bags were packed and we planned to leave right after work (7:00 PM) and drive to at least Sevierville, Tn. ( half way) and stop there or somewhere near by for the night. Well Friday was one of the record Friday’s at work, and we were exhausted but I said that I will drive as far as I can anyway. Well in order to make a long story short there were no vacancies there in any motel. So we decided to drive on toward Asheville NC. Which is where Jeremy and Renea were staying ( they had left several hours earlier). Jeremy told me over the phone that they had got the last room in town that night. So on we drove stopping at every town on the interstate no rooms anywhere, all were filled. Finally I told Jenny that we will head toward Myrtle Beach and keep stopping at every town until we found one. Well we wound up at a town in South Carolina at 4:00 AM and found the only room there that a Sleep Inn had left and stayed there. So that made me be on the road for 9 hours after working for 12 hard hours of restaurant work. ( going strong for 21 hours) I didn’t know that the old man still had it in him Ha! Ha! It is funny today but at 4:30 Am Saturday morning when I got checked in and ready to turn the light out, I wasn’t laughing. To be unprepared to face eternity would be even less funny Are You Ready??