Confronting the Threat

The Lord gave me a way to confront the threat of being jailed or sued for not marrying Gays if the problem continues to threaten pastors and churches. If I need to I will stop performing marriages completely, let the couples go to a judge, or magistrate, and be legally married and then the following day, or the next week have a Christian wedding ceremony at church with the pastor and friends and call it a renewing of the vows and no papers will be signed by the pastor and the couple will already be married legally, and they can exchange their Christian vows with family and friends. The most of the clerk’s offices have someone there that is legally bound to do marriage ceremonies anyway. This will be a legal step no different than purchasing a license to satisfy the requirements of the law. We can renew our wedding vows 40 years after we get married or 30 minutes after being legally married. The word of God teaches us to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.